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About Full Moon

Located at the blinking light at the intersection of Whilehall Rd and Tyler Road, Full Moon is a place for great food with great prices.

This diner and saloon is the best place to stop in to enjoy reasonable priced breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drop-by to this family friendly restaurant the next time pass by and enjoy their daily specials!

Well Satisfied Customers

Visit us today and experience the same!

Super Food and Super Service!

The Full Moon Saloon is a restaurant/tavern. Our golf league of 30 people at lunch there on Friday, September 14, 2018. Fantastic service. Fantastic food. Value pricing. Definitely in my ‘Top 5’ places to eat in Muskegon County.

Thomas S.

Fantastic Choice For a Birthday!

Wonderful perch dinner, with Wisconsin cheese soup. Perfect food and service. It was a great choice for a birthday dinner.

Suzanne A.

Food is Great and So Reasonable!

Coffee is free with breakfast The food is delicious and consistent. I’ve had their omelettes and also their cheeseburger and fries when it was the daily special for $5. I ordered my fries well done and they were perfectly golden and crispy on the outside. I’m pretty sure the burger was fresh meat and not a prefab patty and the lettuce and tomato were nice and fresh. I sit on the restaurant side and there is usually just one waitress in the morning, but service has always been great! This is our go-to breakfast place!

Krisitine B.

Fun Place and Great Food!!

The best waitress we have had since our cross country trip began 10 days ago… Thanks Mary for telling us about the amazing fish and wow what a good pizza!! Hope to come back and visit the moon again.

Julie D.

Our Menu

Great customers deserve great foods with affordable prices!


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